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It took approximately six months for Steve to perfect his Rathskeller recipe replicas. He tweaked the texture. He found the right garlic butter. He added that all-important cast-iron skillet. And by 2010, he thought he had the Gambler and the bowl of cheese ready to put on the menu.


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I drove to Pittsboro specifically with the intent of having an old-time milkshake and a cherry Coke from a fountain. Friday was a little cool, but sunny; a perfect day for slurping down a malted chocolate shake and washing it down with a real cherry coke.


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It was a balmy summer afternoon when I made my first visit to the Circle City. I’ve lived in Chapel Hill and the surrounding area for a while, but I had never trekked over to Pittsboro. During this trip, I was on a very specific mission: to figure out what the buzz around S&T’s Soda Shoppe was all about.


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Immediately upon entering this quaint little restaurant, you are drawn back in time. S&T’s once was a pharmacy and the owners have meticulously renovated the shop to look like an old fashioned soda shop from the late 1800s.  Where else can you find such concoctions today as an egg cream or a flavored soda? They also freshly squeeze lemons for lemonade and oranges for oranges for orangeade.


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Everything about S & T’s Soda Shoppe screams authenticity: from the awning, gold business lettering and cafe curtains that greet you on the street to the honeycomb tiles, jukebox and mahogany woodwork inside. There are wire frame sweetheart cafe tables, mirrored mahogany booths, and cabinets filled with history. 


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It's pretty much a rule that any establishment boasting the extra "pe" on the end of "shop" is going to be serving up some tasty treats. S&T's is no exception. The story of S&T's started off with the idea to recreate the classic 1900's soda shoppe experience, and with lots of hard work, custom made pieces, and an eye for detail, S&T's Soda Shoppe was born. 


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